Lo Bros - now in Sainsbury's!

You can now find the new range in 101 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK from 22nd August 2018 and in Planet Organic & Wholefoods from 1st September 2018, 

  • NEW Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics 330ml: Deliciously refreshing and full of living cultures to support digestive and immune health, Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics are made with fermented apple cider vinegar. Infusions include Elderflower or Ginger & Turmeric. 
  • NEW Living Sodas 330ml: Reinventing classic soft drinks with a probiotic kick, Living Sodas contain kombucha & apple cider vinegar, a harmonious blend of living organisms and are made using botanicals, herbs, spices and natural fruit juice. Available in Ginger Beer, Cola, Lemon Lime & Bitters and Traditional Lemonade.
Sodas and ACV