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Love Kombucha was founded by Melanie in 2013. A fizzy drink addict who suffered terribly with IBS, she read about kombucha and wanted to try some. However, whilst there werehundreds of brands online, she couldn’t readily find any that were in the UK so decided to make her own. The natural effervescence of kombucha helped her kick the fizzy drink habit and her IBS all but disappeared. She began sharing her homemade kombucha with friends and family and things soon got a little out of hand. Now she is the proud owner of a
microbrewery than can brew 10,000 litres of kombucha every month and she even had to get a forklift truck to help cope with the demand for larger orders.

Whilst things have stepped up a notch (or two) rest assured the brewing processes are just the same, everything is still brewed by hand and our kombucha remains organic, unpasteurised and low in sugar – just how it should be. 

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Whilst kombucha may be relatively new to you, it has, in fact been around for more than 2000 years and probably closer to 5000. There are many stories that claim to explain the heritage of kombucha, some of which are confused and others downright unlikely.

However, the most widely believed is that the Chinese, in their quest for holistic health and long tea-steeped history, are the originators of kombucha. Written records date back to the Qin dynasty (220 BC) where it is referred to as the ‘Tea of Immortality’ and often the ‘Elixir of Life’. Quite a claim! It is said that ancient emperors were sent off to war with a hip flask (or more likely an animal skin) of this bubbly fermented beverage to keep them strong and fit for battle.

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In short, kombucha is an organic soft drink made by fermenting tea. The natural fermentation process leaves it packed with good stuff; organic enzymes, antioxidants and beneficial yeast and bacteria. Love Kombucha is refreshingly tart and contains very little sugar (less than 3g per 100mls across all flavours and often much less – see FAQ)

Whatever the tall tales of the past, kombucha’s relatively recent history can be more certain. By the 1900s, kombucha had made its way along the silk road from Asia and into Russia and parts of Eastern Europe where it became a staple in many homes. It was the kind of thing that would sit in a bowl or jar on the side in the kitchen at your grandmother’s house and would be the first thing that she would reach for at the first sign of a sniffle.

You can now read all about our refreshingly healthy product in our brand new book