About Us

Love Kombucha was founded by Melanie in 2013. A fizzy drink addict who suffered terribly with IBS, she began brewing her own kombucha and found it really helped! Roll on 5 years, the brewery had grown and Love Kombucha was being sold in over 1000 stores across 5 countries! All whilst retaining the authenticity of the product and using traditional brewing techniques.

So, what next…? 

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We firmly believe that excellent quality kombucha should be accessible to all! We decided to hook up with our Australian chums at Soulfresh who, with a wealth of scientific research, improved efficiencies and a custom brewery expansion plan had managed make that happen. 

We are delighted to now be brewing 5 times more than we were before, have launched 5 new flavours, all guaranteed to be low in sugar and have a new “living soda” range (not to mention some other exciting products in the pipeline). 

Rest assured, Lo Bros kombucha and living drinks range is still brewed in the traditional way, by the original Love Kombucha team in the UK, is organic and is never, ever pasteurised. We hope you are as excited about Lo Bros as we are…


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In short, kombucha is an organic soft drink made by fermenting tea. In the same way that fermented cabbage is known as sauerkraut, fermented tea = kombucha! 

The natural fermentation process leaves it packed with good stuff; organic enzymes, antioxidants and beneficial yeast and bacteria. It should have a good balance of sweet and tart and should be allowed to retain its living goodness. 

You can find out more on the FAQs page.

If you are intrigued enough to want to make kombucha at home, you can get all the information you need from our book ‘Love Kombucha: Make Your Own Naturally Healthy Drinks’.